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Zuckerberg hints that Meta could have its own operating system


The tycoon estimated that by the end of this decade the metaverse could bring together some 1,000 million users with each one spending “hundreds of dollars ” in digital products.

The president of the American social media conglomerate Meta (qualified in Russia as a extremist), Mark Zuckerberg, insinuated this Wednesday during an interview for the program ‘Mad Money‘ on the CNBC network that the different platforms of the company could make use of their own operating system in the future. The tycoon granted the interview in the metaverse, pointed the middle.

“I think that in the long term we will need this level of integration between the ‘hardware’, the ‘software’ and an operating system simply to fulfill what we want to build”, emphasized the billionaire.

In parallel, the businessman estimated that by by the end of this decade the metaverse could bring together about 1,000 million users . Zuckerberg expects each of them to spend “hundreds of dollars” on a wide range of products such as clothing for your avatars or objects to decorate virtual conference rooms.

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“Our strategy over time has been to build services, try to serve as many people as possible. able; getting our services to 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 million people , and then basically scaling monetization after that,” he said. “The metaverse is going to be a big part of our business for the next few years and the second half of this decade as well,” he added.

Meanwhile, Reality Labs, the Meta division in charge of developing the metaverse project, is currently generating losses The unit lost a little less than 3,000 million dollars in the first quarter after losing another 10,000 million last year, details Business Insider.

Internally, There is also concern and confusion about Meta’s commitment to building its metaverse, an employee told the portal that there is still no “coherent strategy” for the project. Added to this are the reports that the company suspended new hires in May.


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