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“With that face and with that look you have to requisition her”: Colombian artist Kary Sol denounces racism and beatings from a Bershka security guard in Bogotá


According to the singer, there was also a police outrage: “They were accusing me of being a thief because of my appearance.”

The Colombian singer Kary Sol denounced that she was the victim of an action of racial discrimination in a branch of the Bershka store, of the Spanish group Inditex, in Bogotá.

Through her social networks, the artist, originally from the city of Cali, said that the events they happened two months ago, but until now “I hadn’t had the courage” to tell about it.

“I was in the pink zone, I was looking for some clothes, I couldn’t find anything… Last option, I went to the Bershka store and I didn’t find anything either. It took me exactly 4 or 5 minutes,” the woman began her story.

She pointed out that when she decided to leave the store, a guard told her that she had to check her bag, even though she didn’t do it with other people. “She was rude from the beginning”, he added.

“When he finishes checking me, I tell him: ‘If you see that I am not a criminal.’

At that moment, the artist asked the security guard for respect and, instead of finding it, the store worker pushed her and threatened to call the manager. “He kicked me and when he kicked me, well, I slapped him”, explained the singer.

The other people who were witnessing the event, instead of helping the artist, claimed her for having hit the security guard. “Everyone was accusing me that I had stolen something from the store”, he lamented.

Police run over

Sol left the store and, After advancing a block, some agents approached her. “Four policemen arrived at the beginning, they also arrive in a very grotesque way, they don’t even tell me to go with them the store, but they have to handcuff me,” he said.

Although he tried to explain what happened to the uniformed men, they preferred to give more credit to the Bershka workers’ version.

A video circulating on social networks shows the outrage and arrogance of the police. While the artist tries to clarify, through tears, what happened, she hears another person ask to be handcuffed. It can also be seen when one of the uniformed men grabs her by the hands and she screams that they let her go.

“They handcuffed me, they made me go through a giant shame [. ..] There was a hit, they hurt this hand (left), I lasted almost 20 days with this injured hand, (the policeman) made me a key, he tightened my handcuffs super hard”, Sol detailed in his story.

The artist mentioned that the Police never took a statement from her. “They were accusing me of being a thief because of my appearance,” she indicated.

In addition, she pointed out that the police lowered their guard when one of her friends mentioned that she had “someone in the Ministry” and that he would contact him to find out what to do.

This type of behavior cannot continue to be normalized, they have to be reported”, added the artist.


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