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White House: “Saudi Arabia is committed to supporting the balance of the world oil market”


Riyadh and Washington reaffirmed their commitment to continue collaborating in the fields of defense, security, cybernetics and the fight against terrorism, among others.

Riyadh pledged to support efforts by balance the world oil market , as reported this Friday in a statement by the White House after a series of meetings of the US president, Joe Biden, with the Saudi monarch, Salmán bin Abdulaziz, the crown prince, Mohamed bin Salmán, and other high officials.

This commitment will contribute to “achieving sustained economic growth”, noted the US presidential office. In this way, Washington “has welcomed the increase in production levels by 50% above what was forecast for July and August“. “These measures and others that we anticipate in the coming weeks have contributed and will contribute to considerably stabilize the markets,” he said.

Meanwhile, in a joint note it was detailed that both nations ” decided to consult regularly on the world energy markets in the short and long term, as well as to collaborate as strategic partners in climate and energy transition initiatives”. Likewise, the signing of a bilateral association framework was announced to promote clean energy, with new Saudi investments to accelerate the energy transition and combat the effects of climate change.

Defense and cybersecurity

Biden reaffirmed his country’s commitment to support “the security and defense territory of Saudi Arabia, and to facilitate the kingdom’s ability to obtain the caps necessary activities in order to defend their people and their territory against external threats”. In this context, the two nations “stressed the importance of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.” “Both sides stressed the need to continue to deter Iran from interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, from supporting terrorism through its armed proxies, and to cease its efforts to destabilize the security and stability of the region,” reads the statement. communicated.

USA also announced that will withdraw its peacekeepers from the Saudi island of Tiran at the end of this year. US soldiers remain there as part of the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), under the Peace Treaty signed between Israel and Egypt. “The MFO will implement alternative agreements to guarantee the current freedom of navigation to all parties, including Israel,” he said.

At the same time, Washington and Riyadh highlighted their mutual cooperation in the field of cybersecurity and “will expand their current bilateral relationship on this critical issue, share information on security threats cybersecurity and malicious actor activities to enhance shared defense,” while “collaborating on best practices, technologies, tools, and approaches to cybersecurity training and education.”

Regional cooperation and fight against terrorism

The leaders also addressed regional and global problems, including the situation in Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Ukraine, as well as the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

In addition, they underlined “the impo importance of confronting terrorism and violent extremism,” the White House said. “They expressed their continued commitment to fight al Qaeda and the Islamic State, stem the flow of foreign fighters, counter violent extremist propaganda and cut off the funding streams for terrorism,” it added.

Extension of overflights

Other The key outcome of the meetings was that Riyadh opened its airspace “for all civil aircraft, including airlines flying to and from Israel, based on the principles of the 1944 Chicago Convention”. To date, civil aircraft flying to and from the Hebrew country could not, with rare exceptions, fly over the Saudi kingdom. “This is an important step forward towards a more integrated and interconnected Middle East region with the world,” he stressed.

Technological area

Both parties also congratulated themselves on “the improvement of cooperation in all areas bytes of space exploration, including human spaceflight, Earth observation, commercial and regulatory development and responsible behavior in outer space.

A memorandum of cooperation was also signed that will connect US and Saudi technology companies in the advancement and deployment of 5G, using open radio access networks, as well as allowing the development of 6G through similar technologies. “The partnerships created under the Memorandum of Understanding confirm Saudi Arabia’s leadership as a regional hub for 5G deployments and future 6G developments,” it said.

    • Biden is these days on his first visit official to Saudi Arabia, within his tour of the Middle East. On Friday, he held a meeting with the kingdom’s leader, as well as talks with the crown prince as part of the delegations. Bin Salman and the US president are scheduled to hold a bilateral meeting this Saturday.

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