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What would Pikachu look like if it were real? An artist responds with a sculpture and the results are spectacular (VIDEO)


The piece is so realistic that even the little Pokémon launches an electric attack.

Pokemon fans have discussed on more than one occasion what kind of animal Pikachu would be if it were real. To Adam, a professional sculptor and the host of the ‘North of The Border’ YouTube channel, he would definitely be like a gerbil. With this idea in mind, the artist sculpted a realistic version of what he thinks that little rodent would look like, achieving spectacular results.

In one of his latest published videos, Adam shows step by step step how he recreated the character using clay, wires and aluminum foil. To give it a more realistic appearance, he designed a body with an intermediate shape between a gerbil and a rat, with the difference that he added his characteristic padded belly.

In the same way, he shows up close how he sculpted Pikachu’s facial features, which he made by imagining what a growling or angry gerbil would look like. Once this process was finished, he painted the piece yellow and added imitation fur, giving it a very natural appearance.

The final touch was given by incorporating an electric attack into the sculpture launched by the Pokémon, which he managed to add a type of super-flexible lights powered by a battery. Without a doubt, a piece that more than one lover of the series would like to have in their collection.

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