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Washington could use force against Iran to prevent it from having nuclear weapons, says Biden


The president believes that Donald Trump made a “big mistake” by withdrawing from the nuclear agreement with Tehran, since now “Iran is more closer to developing nuclear weapons than before.

USA. could use force against Iran to stop its nuclear program, President Joe Biden said in an interview with the Israeli channel Channel 12 broadcast on Wednesday.

When asked why Washington had decided to return to the nuclear deal with Tehran, despite the fact that most Israelis were against it, Biden replied: “Because the only thing more dangerous than the Iran that exists now is an Iran with nuclear weapons.”

According to the US president, former President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement was a “big mistake”, since currently “Iran is closer to developing nuclear weapons than before”. He added that the US “sat down at the negotiating table, drew up a deal, offered it, and now everything depends on Iran.”

However, Biden stated that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will remain in the list of US Foreign Terrorist Organizations, even if that could derail the agreement.

Finally, to the question of whether Washington could use force to stop the nuclear program Iranian, Biden responded: “As a last resort or if”. “Iran cannot have nuclear weapons,” he declared.

In 2015, Iran, USA, Russia, China, UK , France and Germany signed the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which set limitations on the Persian nation’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions. However, three years later, then US President Donald Trump abandoned the treaty and re-imposed economic sanctions against Tehran.

  • In response to Washington’s withdrawal from the agreement already the reimposition of US sanctions in May 2018, Tehran gradually increased its capabilities,  production of enriched uranium and the concentrations of isotopes needed to produce energy. Last year, it announced that it had increased enrichment to 60 %, although this level still falls short of the 90 % or more required for weapons use.
  • Since April 2021, the remaining parties to the agreement have held negotiations in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on the resumption of the pact , which would mean the reintegration of the US. Earlier this month, Tehran and Washington participated in an indirect negotiating round in Doha (Qatar) that concluded without significant progress.

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