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VIDEO: They carry out a drill of an armed confrontation in a Mexican school and the Government responds


The educational authorities disapproved of the improvised dramatizations, for which they announced that they will take measures.

Given the violent events of recent weeks in the Mexican state of Sonora, a teacher at an elementary school in the municipality of Guaymas held a drill

before a possible armed confrontation.

In the video, where the children are first seen around what seems to be the campus cafeteria, they are heard shouting “hands up”, at the same time what they pretend to be shots sounds and immediately the minors throw themselves on the ground, while their teacher yells at them “chest down”, “protect yourselves”.

The recording went viral on social networks, unleashing comments like: “It’s very sad and how far we’ve come in terms of security”, “the normalization of the insecurity that we are suffering”.

But the response from the authorities has not been long in coming. The Secretariat of Education and Culture of the state of Sonora (SEC) issued an informative note in which it disapproves “the performance of dramatizations about alleged procedures for action in the event of a shooting”, since this type of improvisation “confuses, violates and exposes the integrity of our minors on social networks”.

The recording “also does not contributed to generating the perception of normality that our campuses require to guarantee quality education”, the Secretariat condemned.

It also points out that the security protocols that the SEC regularly applies are prepared by professional and are not personal occurrences, so they will take measures so that neither directors nor teachers distract from the rigorous application of the protocols approved at the federal and state levels.


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