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VIDEO: Lenovo shows revolutionary prototypes of a laptop and a 'smartphone' with a rollable screen


Some Internet users criticized some of its features on YouTube.

This Tuesday, within the framework of its annual global innovation virtual event Tech World 2022, the Chinese company Lenovo presented, in a video, the revolutionary prototypes of a laptop that can double the size of its screen at the user’s convenience and a smartphone with a rollable OLED screen.

This new laptop prototype, which is unknown if it will pass the concept stage, works like a standard ‘laptop’, but employs a sliding mechanism that extends the height of the screen as it slowly unfolds from the bottom until it nearly doubles its original size. In this way, the user would have more space to work, without increasing the total size of the laptop, although it would increase its weight due to the added sliding mechanism.

Many Internet users stated in their comments, in the YouTube video, some concerns. Some referenced how unstable this device could be with the screen fully extended . Others have pointed out that a horizontally extendable screen would be much more useful and balanced. Likewise, users expressed their criticism, pointing out that this feature adds unnecessary fragility to the device

. Another very criticized aspect was the little space that is available in this prototype to accommodate a long-lasting battery and the ‘hardware’ in general.


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