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VIDEO: An employee of a warehouse in New York stabs an aggressive customer to death to defend himself and society takes his side


“The first thing is that you fear for your life, so you will do anything, you will do everything to defend yourself,” said a representative of the small merchants when justifying the action of the accused.

US authorities charged an employee of a warehouse in New York of stabbing to death a customer who had behaved in an aggressive and violent manner, pushing him behind the counter and mounting on top of him. The case caused wide controversy in New York society, where many sided with the clerk, reports CBS News.

The fatal incident took place this Friday night and was captured by surveillance cameras . Police arrived at the scene and found Austin Simon bleeding from two stab wounds to the chest and one to the neck. The man later died at a hospital, while the employee, José Alba, 51, was arrested for murder.

The Prosecutor’s Office stated that it all started when the victim’s girlfriend could not pay for the purchase because her card was rejected, so the couple had to leave. However, minutes later Simon returned to the store and “went behind the store counter and confronted the clerk”. on top of Alba and grabbed him by the neck, after a struggle, and then the accused stabbed the assailant multiple times with “a kitchen knife that was kept behind the counter,” prosecutors detailed.

Murder qualified as self-defense

However, many Internet users who came across the images spread on social networks, as well as prominent New Yorkers such as the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, justify the worker’s actions as self-defense.

“It is obvious that this man was here working, supporting his family, and someone came behind the counter, and I saw was inappropriate,” said Adams.

“He grabbed him by the neck to drag him outside. The first thing is that you fear for your life, so you will do whatever it takes, you will do everything possible to defend yourself,” said Francisco Marte, of the Association of Wineries and Small Merchants.

According to The outlet, the prosecutors and the defense council jointly requested the reduction of the suspect’s bail from $250,000 to $50,000, which the judge granted, and it was also announced that Alba will be released after paying a partial bail and surrendering his passport.The dependent is due to appear in court again at the end of July.


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