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VIDEO: A Mexican student attacks a classmate by applying a key at school


The State Prosecutor’s Office reported that it is investigating the case.

A video, in which you can see the attack on a student by a classmate from a school in the Mexican state of Nuevo León,

went viral and prompted the authorities to act.

The recording shows how the attacker grabs his victim by the neck, who, at first, seems put up no resistance, until he is practically on the ground, at which point another young man arrives to separate them.

Meanwhile, the person who is recording is heard laughing, like this how to ask other students to close the door and expressions referring to being “in the front row”.

Among the messages of outrage, users point out that the aggressor must be reported to the authorities, just like the young man who is recording. Given this, the State Prosecutor’s Office reported this Wednesday that it has already launched an investigation into the case. It is reported that the authorities took action on the matter after the mother of the assaulted minor filed a complaint.

Regarding the video recording circulating on networks about the attack on a @CONALEP_Mex student, It is reported that the investigation folder has been started due to the criminal news on social networks. Thank you very much for sharing.

— Nuevo León Prosecutor’s Office (@FiscaliaNL) October 19, 2022


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