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VIDEO: A journalist irritates Joe Biden by asking him about the campaign for the November elections


The president of the United States responded to the reporter “count, girl, count” after she questioned the number of candidates campaigning on his side for the elections.

The US president, Joe Biden, this Thursday refused to answer questions about his

lack of appearances in the electoral campaign

before the midterm elections. The president responded harshly to a journalist who pressed him on the issue, reports Fox News.

The incident occurred when a journalist asked Biden about his campaign plans. She said Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will appear alongside him in his state, but added that “there aren’t that many candidates campaigning” alongside her. At the appearance, the reporter asked him why that was happening. The American president seemed to be irritated and exclaimed that “that is not true. There is 15! Account , girl, account!, okay?

Biden snaps when a reporter mentions that Democrats essentially don’t want him on the campaign trail with them.”That’s not true! There’ve been 15. COUNT KID, COUNT!”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) October 20, 2022

Without However, the journalist did not hold back after Biden’s response, but asked the president, who was already moving away from the journalists, if there would be more candidates, and received an affirmative answer.

Throughout the week, the White House grappled with questions about Biden’s meager campaign schedule. On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre tried to defend Biden’s campaign schedule, but did not say anything specific about future visits by the president to other states to support Democratic candidates.


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