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US police recover a valuable violin of more than 250 years stolen in Chicago from a family of musicians


The instrument was made in 1758 by the world renowned Italian luthier Nicolò Gagliano .

The authorities of the American city of Chicago recovered and returned to a family of musicians a series of valuable instruments stolen last May, among which a violin stands out made in 1758 by the famous Italian luthier Nicolò Gagliano, reported this Thursday the local Police.

Of according to local media, together with the old instrument they were stolen from the home of MingHuan Xu, a professional violinist and director of the string program at Roosevelt University, a second violin made by Oliver Radke in 1994, as well as a cello.

After nearly a month of investigations, the Windy City Police managed to recover the three instruments. All of them, it is reported, were found intact and in good condition. However, these were sent to a workshop to be evaluated and, if necessary, repaired.

“For the Gagliano, who is almost 300 years old , to be able to continue his journey is a miracle when you think of an instrument that has been through so much and lasted so long,” Xu said of the violin, which was loaned to him by a private sponsor more than 20 years ago. “I’m glad to be able to spend the torch, instead of (this violin) being lost forever under my hand, under my care. I am very, very happy that he is back,” he added.

So far, the Police have not been able to identify those responsible for the robbery. However, the investigations continue to identify and find the whereabouts of criminals.

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