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US Olympic volleyball player is attacked by a homeless person with a metal object in Los Angeles and suffers several fractures to her face


Kim Glass said that at first she feared losing sight in one eye, though she eventually revealed that her vision will not be permanently damaged.

US volleyball player Kim Glass posted on social media a video in which he recounted the brutal attack he suffered when he was leaving for lunch with friends in Los Angeles, which caused serious facial injuries.

According to the silver medalist with her team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and bronze winner at the 2007 World Cup in Japan, a homeless man who was looking at her with “eyes full of hate” and acting strangely attacked her with a metal object. “The homeless man ran, he had something in his hand and he was on the other side of a car on the street,” he began his story.

Noticing him, Glass, 37 years old, he thought about going back to his friends to tell them that something seemed wrong with that person, but he didn’t do it in time. “Before I knew it, a big metal bolt, like a pipe, hit me. It happened so fast. I literally threw it from the street,” he said.

The athlete explained that she suffered “multiple fractures” on her face and had to receive several stitches. In addition, he initially feared the loss of vision in one eye, although he eventually revealed that his vision will not be permanently damaged.

On the other hand, she appreciated all the messages of support she received and stated: “This whole thing could have been so much worse. So I’m grateful right now.” “Guys, take care of yourselves out there… there are a lot of people with mental illnesses on these streets right now,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the assailant was held by other people until the Police and arrested him.


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