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US increases pressure on Turkey for its close ties with Russia


According to Bloomberg sources, a delegation of US officials visited Turkey this week to discuss anti-Russian sanctions with businessmen and central bank officials.

A delegation of US officials led by Elizabeth Rosenberg, Treasury Undersecretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes Affairs, visited Turkey this week, reports Bloomberg.

The Americans held several meetings with businessmen from Ankara and Istanbul, as well as officials from the Turkish Ministry of Finance 2022 and the Treasury. The main topic of negotiation with the authorities was anti-Russian sanctions. Washington claims that Ankara has not shown solidarity with the West in imposing restrictions on Russia, and that it has even increased cooperation with Moscow, particularly in the energy field.

Turkey maintains a position of non-alignment on unilateral restrictions, so Washington tries to put pressure on Ankara. Rosenberg’s visit and her delegation is not the first attempt. In August, another US deputy treasury secretary, Wally Adeyemo, sent a letter to the Turkish Business and Industrial Association, in which he threatened sanctions on Turkish businessmen doing business with Moscow. In September, US authorities warned Turkish banks about the risks of doing business through Mir, the Russian payment system, which led these entities to suspend payments through that channel.


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