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Unilever introduces in Argentina the 4-day working week once a month


It is the first time that the transnational reduces the working week in its subsidiaries in Latin America.

The Argentine subsidiary of the mass consumption company Unilever decided to institute a four-day work week for its employees, a measure that will be applied once a month, the Argentine newspaper Página reported on Tuesday 12. In this way, it became the first branch of the company in Latin America to implement a reduction of this nature, which will influence the working conditions of some 1.52 employees.

“This announcement is another step in the flexible culture that we have been building for more than 10 years. This agile model provides greater well-being for our teams,” said Melina Cao, head of Human Resources at Unilever Argentina.

On a global scale, it is not the first time that a subsidiary of Unilever introduces the four-day workweek. In November 2020, the New Zealand branch of the company announced the adoption of this work regime.


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