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UK town councilor resigns over 'existential crisis' caused by rumors he's famed street artist Banksy


According to what he said, the rumors about his ‘alter ego’, which spread through social networks, have forced to wear a badge with the legend: “I’m not Banksy”.

The councilor of the Welsh town of Pembroke Dock (United Kingdom) Billy Gannon, 58, was forced to resign due to, according to him, the false accusations that mark him as the world-renowned artist Banksy, pick up The Guardian.

According to what Gannon told the British media, the rumors about his ‘alter ego’, which he described as “quite ridiculous”, were spread in different media and on social networks, so the residents of the area began to rebuke him and question him.

This situation reached such an extreme, he assured, that “it tarnished the reputation of the Municipal Council , and even caused “an existential crisis” that was ” undermining ability to do the work of a councilman”, for which he made the decision to resign at your expense.

“The problem I have is that when I tell people I’m not Banksy, I can see that look in his eyes, and say: ‘that’s what Banksy would say’ […]. Every time I deny that I am, a significant number of people in the city [deciden] that I am, or that I could be,” said the former councilman.

It is suspected that the scheme was started “maliciously” by a political rival who aspires to occupy a place in the Council. Since this went viral, he pointed out, he wears a badge on his lapel with the inscription “I’m not Banksy”, after the villagers repeatedly asked him to prove that he is not the famous street artist.

According to Gannon himself, his past as a graffiti artist, coupled with his interest in art and community projects, make people believe the rumors. “All the things that Banksy did, I also did about 10 years before, so this accusation that I am Banksy carries a lot of weight. I was in the same place doing the same thing at the same time,” he acknowledged.


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