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Uber will pay a millionaire sum to charge more to the disabled in the US


Applying additional costs to users with disabilities who, due to their conditions, need more time to get into the vehicle is a discriminatory act says the Department of Justice.

The US Government announced on Monday that it had reached an agreement with the Uber taxi service, due to a lawsuit filed by the country’s Department of Justice against the collection of extra discriminatory charges to passengers with disabilities.

According to the statement , Uber will pay the accounts of the more than 65,000 affected users double the fees they paid for taking time to get into the vehicles they hired, which could mean millions of dollars. In addition, it will pay 1,738,500 dollars to more than 1,000 passengers who claimed and 500,000 dollars to others affected.

As part of the agreement, the service The taxi company will also eliminate waiting time rates for disabled users who are certified by the company.

Uber charges an extra fee to passengers if the driver has to wait more than two minutes to pick up r them. The lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice in November 2021 indicates that the company violates the Americans with Disabilities Act by applying additional costs to users who, due to their conditions, need more time to board the vehicle.

“People with disabilities they should not feel like second-class citizens, or be punished for their disability, which is exactly what Uber did with its waiting time fare policy” Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke said. “This agreement sends a strong message to Uber and other ride-sharing companies that they will be held accountable if their services discriminate against people with disabilities,” she added.


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