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Traces of extinct human species found in southern Poland


Contrary to what was believed until now, a recent dating indicates that some tools found in the decade of 1960 in a Polish cave dating back to 202.000 years.

Experts from the University of Warsaw studied stone tools discovered more than half a century ago in southern Poland and concluded that they belonged to an extinct human species, according to the study published in the journal Scientific Reports.

According to scientists, the tools, found in the Tunel Wielki cave, are now recognized as some of the oldest ever found in the Malopolska region. Previously it was assumed that tools had at most 40. years, but analysis has shown that they could be dated between 450. Y 550.000 years ago.

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Scientists assume that they were manufactured by ‘Homo heidelbergensis’, an extinct human species that is considered the last common ancestor of Neanderthals and modern humans.

“We were surprised that half a million years ago people in this area lived in caves, because they were not the best places to camp. The humidity and low temperature would have discouraged them. On the other hand, a cave is a natural refuge. It is an enclosed space that gives a feeling of security. We found traces that may indicate that the people who lived there used fire, which probably helped tame these dark and damp places,” archaeologist Malgorzata Kot, from the University of Warsaw, quoted by Science in Poland, commented on the finding.


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