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Towards self-sufficiency? Mexico's plan to alleviate the imminent world food crisis


It is expected that by 2030 the Latin American country will be able to supply itself with the main agricultural items.

Mexico seeks to alleviate the global food and inflation crisis with a self-sufficiency plan that aims for the country to become one of the few nations with the capacity to produce and consume its own food.

Thus, through a series of government initiatives, it seeks provide rural communities with resources so that they can be self-sufficient through the transfer of land for planting.

According to estimates by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in 2024, Families living in agrarian communities could achieve food self-sufficiency in the areas of corn and beans, mainly. In the same way, it is expected that by 2030 this will be reflected in the rest of the country.

The short-term objective is to ensure that small producers can make the most of their land, backyard areas and orchards so that they can grow their own food, although, according to specialists, this is already a reality in different states.

Towards self-sufficiency

In an interview with RT, Arturo Silva, from the Corn Seed Systems team, said that in his country the peasant communities , especially in the Mexican southeast, are already self-sufficient in this cereal.

Silva explained that although self-sufficiency is complicated for the inhabitants of large cities, in rural areas they have land where to plant, so the opportunity to produce is feasible.

He also pointed out that due to global interconnection, “self-sufficiency total is not possible. We all depend on other countries, other regions and we have to seek cooperation”, so we must invest in science and technology, “bringing knowledge to those who produce food, tools, seeds”.

Along the same lines, in a conference At a press conference, the Undersecretary of Food Sufficiency, Víctor Suárez, expressed that it is “vital” that peasant families advance on this issue to protect their economy from the inflationary spiral that is occurring in Mexico and the world.

Suárez affirmed that the government programs ‘Sowing life’ and ‘Production for well-being’ will intensify their work in the field, with the two million small and medium producers, to increase this planting cycle the production of corn and beans.

Last May, the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, launched the campaign ‘Produce to eat’ in the face of a level of inflation that has reached 7.99% per year, the highest in 21 years, in addition to the world situation, in which the production and export of cereals could be affected due to the conflict in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia.

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