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“Time is short”: Russia invites the US to start discussing a new treaty to replace START III


The pact signed in 2010, which provides for the mutual monitoring of stockpiles nuclear by Washington and Moscow, expires in 2026.

The absence of contacts between the US and Russia on issues of strategic stability after the near expiration of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, also known as START III, will not benefit Washington, which is why Moscow invites them to start discussing the issue now, the Russian ambassador to the North American country, Anatoly Antonov, told RIA Novosti on Friday.

“In a few years —in 2026— . Is it in the US national interest that there be no military-diplomatic contacts on strategic stability? I think not,” said the senior diplomat during a reception organized on the occasion of Russia Day, which is commemorated on June 12.

Antonov said that in this case “time is short” and that both parties should “start working now on what will come as a replacement” of the pact, which was signed in 2010 and contemplates the mutual monitoring of nuclear arsenals by Washington and Moscow.Last February, the treaty was extended until February 5, 2026.


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