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Three far-right militants are arrested in Argentina for threats to Cristina Fernández


They are accused of incitement and advocacy of violence.

The Airport Security Police arrested Jonathan Ezequiel Morel, Leonardo Franco Sosa on Thursday and Gastón Ezequiel Ángel Guerra, members of the far-right organization Revolución Federal who had threatened Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The three were captured in a series of operations carried out this Thursday in Buenos Aires and remained at the disposal of the Justice with charges of incitement to violence, advocacy of crime and instigation to commit crimes.

In addition, he is An arrest warrant is in force for Sabrina Basile, daughter of former national soccer team coach Alfio ‘Coco’ Basile. The woman is a member of the Federal Revolution and would be implicated in the threats against the former president.

The Police went to the home that she shared with her father, but apparently she no longer lives there. Yes, the former soccer player, who was at home at the time of the failed procedure, reported the newspaper La Nación.

The operation included a raid on the headquarters of Caputo Hermanos, a company that would have transferred millions of pesos to Morel, allegedly for carpentry work.

According to an article published by Page/ 12, the signature is one of the elements that point to possible political ties to the threats against Fernández de Kirchner, since it is owned by the brothers of Nicolás Caputo, one of the best friends of former president Mauricio Macri and who was even an “honorary” consul in China during his mandate.

Some journalistic versions indicate that it will be investigated whether the Caputo family financed this openly opposition extremist organization that gained notoriety through actions and messages of hatred, since its members began to harass Peronist officials in the streets and to ask for the “death” of Fernández de Kirchner.

This Tuesday, the head of the Senate requested that the financing of the Federal Revolution be investigated and considered that the contributions to that entity made by the family of the former Finance Minister of the Macri Government “they are not a coincidence”.

“It would be necessary to have some degree of romanticism to believe that the presence of the Caputo family is a coincidence in the contributions that these people receive . They had booted with a transfer of 1.700.000 pesos , and then there is another one for 7 million pesos [45.000 dólares]. If there is an explanation, let them give it ,” said the vice president’s lawyer, José Manuel Ubeira, to El Uncover Radio

The detainees became known last May, when they brought a wooden guillotine to a demonstration that took place in Plaza de Mayo, apparently alluding to the execution of the former president.

The famous “Federal Revolution” guillotine was also made in the carpentry workshop whose owner (who learned how to work with wood from Youtube tutorials) received $1.850.000 of the Caputos for an alleged job to 1100 km away. Everything very normal. Nothing suspicious.


Links to the attack

Last 18 August, a young woman named Brenda Uliarte participated in one of the violent protests that the Federal Revolution carried out in front of the presidential Casa Rosada.

Hardly 12 days Later, Fernando Sabag Montiel, Uliarte’s boyfriend, shot Fernández de Kirchner, but the bullet did not come out.

Later, photos were revealed that Sosa and Guerra, two of the leaders of the Federal Revolution had posted from the balcony of a neighbor who lives in the same building as Fernández de Kirchner, just four days before the assassination attempt.

The doubt was whether they had gone to carry out intelligence work prior to the attack, which they later denied in several interviews in which they stated that everything was the product of chance.


Finally, The members of the far-right group were not included in the cause of the attack, but they were included in a parallel file that arose when it became known that, in the same week that Sabag Montiel attacked Fernández de Kirchner, the members of the Federal Revolution had ratified during a live broadcast from Twitter his wishes to kill the vice president.

The threats also included his son, deputy Máximo Kirchner, and the president Alberto Fernández.

During the broadcast, one of them even regretted that his face is already known because, otherwise, he could go to the demonstrations in support of Fernández of Kirchner, pretend to be one more militant and, as soon as the opportunity arose, shoot him.


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