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Three dead in Tanzania from an unknown disease that causes nosebleeds


The country’s president, Samia Suluhu Hassan, affirms that the “strange disease” may be the result of “increasing interaction” between humans and wild animals.

Tanzania investigates the death of three people in the south of the country due to a disease not yet identified by the health authorities. According to local media, the fatalities belong to a group of 13 patients from the coastal city of Lindi who presented nosebleeds as the main symptom, in addition to fever, intense headache and fatigue.

The cases were detected in the Ruangwa district and a team of scientists and health experts has recently been sent to that area to investigate, detailed Aifelo Sichwale, chief medical officer of the Government. .

Of the 10 diagnosed who are still alive, only one has recovered and the rest remain isolated, Sichalwe said, adding that the samples taken from all the patients gave negative for Ebola, coronavirus and Marburg virus, a hemorrhagic fever similar to Ebola.

In this regard, the president of the nation, Samia Suluhu Hassa n, commented on Tuesday that it is still not known what is causing this “strange disease”, but he believes it may be the result of the “increasing interaction” between humans and wild animals, collects The Citizen newspaper.

The news comes days after the Ghanaian health authorities announced the preliminary finding of two patients with the Marburg virus, which fueled fears of an outbreak of this disease that it is rarely detected in West Africa. It is transmitted to people by fruit bats and spreads between humans through direct contact with bodily fluids from infected people, surfaces, and materials. It begins abruptly and many patients develop severe bleeding signs within seven days.


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