This Week, Florida Is Expecting Tropical Moisture

This Week, Florida Is Expecting Tropical Moisture

Floridians had been hopeful storms from the rainy season would bring some cooling respite after the extreme heat wave that struck during the month of May. Fortunately for all of us, storms are making their way back to Florida. However, they won’t provide much needed respite from the heat until later this week. Due to an exceptionally hot May in the Sunshine State, drought conditions are “severe” for central and southern Florida. Therefore, the rain is greatly required. The wet season hasn’t started off well, as the state is experiencing record-breaking heat thanks to the dry air.

It is anticipated that tropical moisture will move northward, encircling a sizable area of low pressure close to the Gulf of Mexico, which will help to shatter records for heat and ease some of the effects of the drought. Through Monday, there may be a few showers with sea breezes, mostly in South Florida. From Tuesday onward, the Sunshine State will see more widespread and intense rain.

Over a foot of rain is predicted for southwest Florida, from Fort Myers to Marco Island via I-75. Although Florida is accustomed to large rains, the region’s hard, dry soils have been affected by the previously mentioned drought, making it more difficult for the state to absorb precipitation. As so, be ready for flooding. To enable water to flow easily, now would be a good time to check sure gutters and storm drains are clear of any leaves and debris!

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