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This US city could run out of water before the end of the year

Residents have begun purchasing and storing water in their homes, as the city advertises “high conservation.”

The city of Coalinga in the state of California (USA) , could run out of water before the end of the year, due to heat waves and unusually dry conditions, the Washington Post reported.

The local fire marshal noted the seriousness of the water crisis in the city after a test of fire hydrants last August, when one of them shot a block of dry land compacts, while another ejected an aerosol can.

According to the newspaper, the only source of water in the city is an aqueduct administered by the federal government, with an allocation decreasing, and the officials anticipate that the city will consume that amount before the end of the year. If the supply falls short, politicians will have to buy water on the open market at exorbitant prices which could sink the city budget.

This does not it is the first year that Coalinga has gone through this scenario, since it has been under some type of water restriction since 2014. According to ABC, since 2017, the water allocation of the Project of the Central Valley, a network of dams, reservoirs and canals now severely affected by drought, has been drastically reduced from 10,000 acre-feet to 2,000 acre-feet -foot.

For their part, residents have begun to buy and store water in their homes. Meanwhile, the city’s water resources website advertiseshigh conservation” with recommendations to water plants at outdoors one day a week, and not allowed from 9 am to 6 pm

A 2020 review by the California State Water Resources Control Board noted that water bills have increased approximately 45% between 2007 and 2015, causing many low-income communities in the state to struggle to pay bills.


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