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This is the most vulnerable browser in your security

A study found 303 security flaws in Google’s browser so far this year, which accumulates 3,159 vulnerabilities throughout his story.

The most popular web browser in the world, Google Chrome, leads the ‘ranking ‘ of the browsers with the most security vulnerabilities, according to a study published this week by Atlas VPN.

According to the report, based on the VulDB vulnerability database, discovered 303 security flaws in Chrome from January 1 to October 5. In second place is Mozilla Firefox, with 117, followed by Microsoft Edge, with 103.

Likewise, Google’s ‘software’ has accumulated 3,159 vulnerabilities throughout its history. They are followed by Firefox, with 2,361, and Safari, with 1,139. Microsoft Edge has had 806 problems throughout its history and Opera, 344.

Meanwhile, Apple’s browser, Safari, recorded one of the lowest numbers in years, with 26 documented failures so far in 2022. Meanwhile, Opera has not had a single one this year.

The security of browsers is crucial as they collect a wide range of sensitive user data, from online account passwords to credit card details. Despite this, of all software products, they are the most affected by security flaws.


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