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“They're Totally Close-Minded”: Renowned Filmmaker Terry Gilliam Criticizes Cancel Culture

“They love the idea of ​​victimizing other people so they can be advocates,” Terry Gilliam denounced in reference to the activists.

Actor and award-winning director of the comedy group Monty Python, Terry Gilliam, lashed out at cancellation culture after a London (UK) theater canceled its production of ‘Into the Woods in November last year.

In an interview with The Times published on Friday, Gilliam blamed the “activists” among the staff of the Old Vic theater for sinking their production.

“They are totally closed from the mind,” he claimed, referring to those who pressured the establishment’s management to cancel his version of the Stephen Sondheim musical for his comments on transgender issues and the ‘MeToo’ movement.

” [They think] there’s only one truth and one way to see the world. Well, ‘Fuck them!’ is my answer to them,” he declared.

The London theater dropped ‘Into the Woods’ without offering any explanation amid what The Times called a staff survey “. The feud reportedly sparked after the filmmaker endorsed comedian Dave Chappelle, urging his social media followers to watch the controversial monologue ‘The Closer’, a special of Netflix described by some as transphobic.

Gilliam said that all of his interactions had been with management and that he never had the opportunity to personally confront the theater’s artistic development team, who were among those who disagreed with his statements.

“I think which is very sad,” Gilliam said of the Old Vic decision. “They allowed a small group of kids dictate to them or bully them,” he added.

On the other hand, he assured that he does not regret anything and denounced the “activists” who “love the idea of ​​the victimization of other people so that they can be defenders”.

According to the reports, the filmmaker has made several controversial comments about transgender rights, saying he could refer to himself as a “black lesbian”, and describing the ‘MeToo’ movement as a witch hunt“.

“When I announced [that I was] a black lesbian, the anger was not from LGBT people or black people,” she argued, adding that the reactions came ” of people who felt they had to defend these victims of Gilliam’s hoax, the ‘activists'”.

‘Into the Woods has now been hosted by Theater Royal in Bath with shows from mid-August you have th September.

Terry Gilliam became a highly successful filmmaker, with 13 feature films, including ‘Brazil’, ‘Los ladrones del tiempo’ (The heroes of the time, in Spain ), and ‘Panic and madness in Las Vegas (Fear and disgust in Las Vegas, in Spain).


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