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They stop in the US a project to equip drones with taser guns to face mass shootings


The drone would be equipped with a stun gun, which could be fired 12 meters away.

Facing the resignation of several members of its ethics committee, the manufacturer of weapons and military products Axon Enterprise Inc. communicated this Sunday that stopped a project focused on equipping drones with stun guns that would help combat mass shootings.

The company’s CEO, Rick Smith, reported that some members they had withdrawn even before addressing the technical questions of the subject, and that the project had been paused.

In the midst of a scenario marked by frequent mass shootings in the US, Axon announced on Thursday that it was working on a drone that would allow to fire a taser to targets located 12 meters away. Tasers are electroshock weapons that immobilize an opponent by electric shocks.

Axon’s new project , announced on Thursday, included a non-lethal drone equipped with a security camera and such a pistol, which would be located in specific places in schools in order to establish constant surveillance and ensure a rapid response to violent events. According to the company, the drone could paralyze the attacker in a matter of seconds and would be operated automatically. by first responders.

Within hours of Axon posting the announcement, the company’s ethics board issued a statement expressing considerable doubt about the Project. They explained that Axon had previously presented a similar idea that was disapproved by the board. In that case, the use of armed drones was reduced to their police implementation and did not include placement within schools. A member of the ethics board, Wael Abd-Almageed, reported that he and eight colleagues would resign from the panel, made up of 12 members, collects Reuters.

In the recent weeks, the mass shootings in the US have reignited debates regarding gun control and the need for new security measures

In May, a shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas, claimed the lives of 21 people, 19 of them minors. Last Tuesday, another at an Oklahoma hospital left five dead, and a similar event left a woman dead at a New Orleans high school graduation. Last Sunday, a shooting at a festival in Oklahoma left one dead and seven people injured.


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