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They share a video that sheds light on the circumstances of the murder of the Al Jazeera journalist in the West Bank


The events took place on May 11 while Shireen Abu Akleh was working in Jenin city. The outlet blamed Israeli forces for deliberately carrying out the crime “in cold blood.”

It has been spread on social networks this week a video showing the moment before Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed on May 11, shot in the head while working in the West Bank Palestinian city of Jenin.

In the images, verified by the channel, you can see a group of journalists, including Abu Akleh, 51, wearing blue bulletproof vests for the press, and other unarmed people when the Israel Defense Forces begin firing. The video supports witness reports that there were no clashes between the Israeli military and the Palestinian fighters at the time of the shooting, as suggested by the Hebrew side.

It appears that the victim, a Palestinian-American citizen, was killed while covering a Jewish country raid on a refugee camp in Jenin. Al Jazeera blamed the Israeli forces for having deliberately perpetrated the crime “in cold blood”

Investigation of the facts

For his part, an Israeli military official announced Thursday that the Army of the Hebrew country had potentially identified the rifle with which the woman was shot, but added that they couldn’t be sure unless the Palestinian authorities handed over the bullet. The Palestinian side reported that it is conducting its own investigation and refused to hand over the bullet citing a lack of trust.

Meanwhile, the Israeli media reported that the The Israeli Army has no plans to investigate the death of the reporter . According to the Haaretz newspaper, the Israel Military Police Criminal Investigation Division believes that an investigation that treats Israel’s soldiers as suspects will provoke opposition from Israeli society. It is indicated that “the main reason for this is that there is no suspicion of a criminal act: the soldiers testified that they did not see the journalist at all and fired at armed men, who were indeed nearby”.

Shortly thereafter, 57 members of the US Congress signed a letter demanding the FBI to investigate the murder of Abu Akleh.

“Like American, Ms. Abu Akleh was entitled to the full protections afforded to US citizens living abroad,” the lawmakers said, urging Secretary of State Antony Blinken and FBI Director Christopher Wray “to uphold the values ​​on which” their nation was founded, including “human rights, equality for all and freedom of expression. We have the duty to protect Americans reporting abroad.”

In turn, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Herzog, responded that “this letter does not provide a fair representation of the case, ignores the important context of the events leading up to the tragic death of Mrs. Abu Akleh, and draws the wrong conclusion,” pick up Haaretz.

The diplomat added that Israel is fighting a “deadly wave of Palestinian terror attacks“, pointing out that the US lawmakers ignored the Israeli request for a joint investigation in their letter, which “gives rise to the false impression that Israel opposes a real investigation.”

The family of the deceased has also urged the US Government and the international community to intervene and guarantee an independent investigation

ONU experts also condemned the assassination of Abu Akleh and exi They asked to carry out a “quick, transparent, exhaustive and independent” investigation of his death, as they expressed in a statement released last Friday. “The killing of Abu Akleh, who was clearly performing his duties as a journalist, could constitute a war crime“, they underlined.


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