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They report that the US Army faces problems recruiting and lowers the percentage of eligible youth to a minimum


So far, the US Military has only met approximately 40% of its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goal, which It will end on September 30.

All branches of the US Armed Forces are facing problems to meet their recruitment goals for fiscal year 2022, officials from the defense sector and the US military maintain, quoted by the NBC channel. According to them, a minimum record of young people eligible to serve in the Army has been reached and the percentage of those who are willing to do so is even smaller.

“This is the beginning of a long military recruitment drought,” said retired Lieutenant General Thomas Spoehr, detailing that the institution The military hadn’t had such a hard time recruiting since 1973, the year the United States left Vietnam and officially ended conscription. Although he does not believe that an eventual reactivation of the compulsory nature of this service is imminent, Spoehr warned that this year “the sustainability of the volunteer force” is being questioned as never before.

The fact is that the number of people eligible to join the Army continues to shrink, and every day they are plus men and women disqualified for obesity, drug use or criminal record . Last month, Army Chief of Staff James McConville told Congress that only 23% of Americans ages 17 to 24 are qualified to serve, down from 29% in recent years.

According to an internal Department of Defense survey, only 9% of individuals eligible to join the ranks of the institution showed any interest in being part of it.

More than half (57%) of young Americans who participated in the survey believe they would face emotional or psychological problems if they served in the Army, and almost half think that he would even have physical problems.

According to such measurements, the general confidence in the institutions of the US government is also decreasing, among them in the Armed Forces.

Not very encouraging numbers

So far, the Army has met approximately 40% of its FY2022 recruiting target, which will end on September 30. Thus, for example, the Air Force should enlist around 50,000 airmen, but it is still more than 4,000 volunteers below what it should have reached for the moment.

The last time the Air Force failed in this objective was in fiscal year 1999, and previously in 1979.

For their part, the officers of the Navy, a body that has been using the movie ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ to try to attract interest, they said they hope to finally meet their goals of general and active duty force.


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