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They report that the Argentine Justice expelled to Peru a “powerful” capo from the villa 1-11-14 sentenced to more than 20 years in prison


The man, identified Like Marco Estrada Gonzáles, he will regain his freedom once he enters Peruvian territory.

The judicial authorities of Argentina would have expelled to Peru to Marco Estrada Gonzáles, a “powerful” drug trafficker sentenced to 24 years in prison who was seized for almost two decades in the Padre Rodolfo Ricciardelli neighborhood, also known as villa 1-11-14, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

According to “judicial sources” quoted by the Argentine newspaper La Nación, the decision in favor of Estrada, originally from Peru, occurred during the last few hours “ after analyzing a request from the defense ” and it was taken taking into account that the man “had already complied part of the sentence in penitentiary and house arrest”, which left him in a position to exchange the prison sentence for expulsion from the country.

Estrada, who was known as Marcos, the head of the criminal organization that operated in the aforementioned town, once he arrives in Peru he will be a h free name. The only condition against him is that he will not be able to return to Argentine territory, since he would have to return to prison to complete his sentence, which was sentenced in November 2020.

“As long as there is no other prohibition of freedom in force or causes pending resolution, it is appropriate to authorize the removal of the sentenced person to their country of origin and defer the declaration of extinction of the sentence imposed until it expires,” says the agreement to which La Nación had access and which would have been issued by the Federal Oral Court (TOF) number 3 in response to the request of the defense attorney, Laura Fechino.

The Argentine media details that Marcos was convicted in 2004 for drug trafficking, for the first time. Later, he was arrested in November 2008 in Paraguay and extradited to Argentina. In 2013 he accepted a shortened trial and was sentenced to six years. He was released in 2014, five months before two-thirds of the sentence had expired.

Subsequently, in December 2016, Marco, his wife Silvana Salazar and Another 23 suspects were arrested in operations carried out by detectives from the Special Anti-Drug Operations Division of the Argentine Federal Police. Despite their arrests, the “millionaire business” of drug dealing in the village 1-11-14 remains active and his criminal organization is still at war for control of the territory.


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