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They publish the first images of the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines (VIDEO)


The images seem to show that at least 50 meters of pipe are missing.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen has published this Tuesday the first images of the damage suffered by the Nord Stream gas pipelines as a result of the sabotage that occurred on 10 of September.

Journalists from the newspaper together with Trond Larsen, a specialist from the Norwegian company Blueye Robotics, investigated the area with an underwater drone. The camera was submerged to the pipes of the Nord Stream 1, which are located at 55 meters below the surface of the Baltic Sea, and recorded large grooves in the seabed, as well as steel debris several centimeters thick that look like broken parts of the gas pipeline.

The media indicates that, judging by the images obtained, it seems that missing at least 50 meters of pipe after the explosion, which, as stated by the media, produced a tremor of 2.3 on the Richter scale.

“You can see that there has been a very large impact on the seabed around the pipe. There are grooves in the seabed where the pipes were, where you can see broken objects that look like parts of pipes,” said Larsen, who is a drone operator and collaborated with the newspaper to take the photos.

“It is needed to extreme force to bend thick metal in this way”, added the specialist.

UPDATESwedish journalists got permission to image one of the Nord Stream explosion sites using an underwater drone (ROV)Caution against listening to the impending wave of explosives experts on TwitterTheir article (in Swedish)

— HI Sutton (@CovertShores) October 26, 2022

  • The 26 in September, sharp drops in pressure were recorded in one of the branches of Nord Stream 2 and then in two sections of Nord Stream 1. Two days later a total of four gas leaks were reported.
  • The seismological stations of Sweden and Denmark detected powerful underwater explosions in the areas where the leaks occurred. The governments of both countries considered that the breakdown was the result of “an act of sabotage“, of “deliberate actions”, and not of an accident.
  • According to Russian President Vladimir Putin , behind these attacks is someone “capable of organizing the explosions technically and who has already resorted to this type of sabotage, and was caught red-handed, but went unpunished.” The president also indicated that now the US “can supply energy resources at higher prices.” “As they say in respectable companies, ‘highly likely’ (in Spanish, ‘highly likely’), everything is clear, it is clear who is behind this and who are the beneficiaries ,” he added.
  • From Washington, as in some European countries, they urged an investigation.
  • Last Friday it emerged that Sweden refused to investigate the leaks
    of the gas pipelines with Denmark and Germany due to the confidentiality of the information.
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