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They locate a clandestine synthetic drug laboratory in southern Mexico


The security forces They dismantled facilities prepared for the production of drugs in the vicinity of Acahizotla, in Chilpancingo.

Mexican security forces dismantled a clandestine laboratory that produced synthetic drugs in Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero, a state located in the south of the Latin American country.

In the framework of an operation implemented by the Army, the National Guard and the Guerrero Police, the authorities dismantled a synthetic drug laboratory that was installed in the vicinity of Acahizotla, a municipality of just over a thousand inhabitants.

At the site, the Mexican government seized:

    • 13 drums with capacity for 1,000, 200 and 50 liters.
    • Five kilograms of a “pasty yellow substance”.
    • Four tubs with capacity for 500 liters.
    • Three reactors for organic synthesis.
    • Three high temperature combustion cylinders, two water pumps, two gas tanks and a cylindrical filter with multiple connection outlets.

In a press release, the Mexican government highlighted that these operations “prevent these types of places from being used for the manufacture of synthetic drugs that affect the health and comprehensive development of youth.”

Dismantling of ‘narco-laboratories’

As of March 31, the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador reported the dismantling of a total of 124 laboratories to produce methamphetamine and three more for heroin.

Prior to the recent seizure in Chilpancingo, the authorities had seized five laboratories in Guerrero

The chemical precursors used to produce synthetic drugs such as fentanyl, amphetamine and methamphetamine, come from the Asian continent and are transported by sea to Mexican ports .

Synthetic drugs are finished in clandestine laboratories, most of which are transported to the US


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