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They find in Peru a wooden sculpture in perfect condition in the archaeological complex of Chan Chan


The discovery is associated with the Chimú culture (800 to 1000 AD). The piece wears a trapezoidal cap, its face is flat and painted red with a nose with a straight profile.

A wooden sculpture in perfect condition, with a flat face and that maintains a reddish color, has been discovered in the archaeological zone of Chan Chan, in the province of Trujillo, in Peru.

The researchers explained, according to a statement from the Ministry of Culture , that the sculpture, 47 centimeters long by 16 centimeters wide, alludes to a character that appears as a litter carrier.

The exceptional piece wears a trapezoidal cut cap with seven vertical bands of alternating light and dark colors.

His face is flat, oval and painted red with a nose with a straight profile; the almond-shaped eyes and the circular ears exhibit unevenness where “a black resin is preserved that would have been used to fix mother-of-pearl plates”.

The character also wears a short skirt Triangular cut with the edge decorated with small rectangular bands, similar to those of the headdress.

Its legs are straight and the feet slightly separated, with the portion in front of them partially cut.

Ceremonial function

The discovery was made within the framework of the work of the third stage of the project 'Recovery of the Huaca Takaynamo of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex'.

“The finding is added to significant evidence that ratifies the ceremonial function of a building peripheral to Chan Chan”, commented the director of the Chan Chan Archaeological Complex Special Project, César Gálvez Mora.

The Huaca Takaynamo, raised only with adobe and clay, is one of the first monumental constructions of the Chimú culture (800 to 1000 AD) and shows that it was the object of activity until colonial times.

“Our country could live only from the enhancement of its monuments [archaeological]. We have a quantity, a variety of sites with exceptional characteristics”, commented the Deputy Minister of Cultural Heritage and Cultural Industries, Janie Gómez.


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