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They find in Israel a coin of almost 2,000 years with an effigy of the goddess of the Moon (PHOTOS)


Under the image of the deity the zodiacal sign of cancer can be seen, while the other side of the coin is decorated with the Profile of Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius.

A Roman bronze coin in good condition minted during the time of the Emperor Antoninus Pius, in the second century after Christ, was recovered during underwater archaeological research off the coast of Israel, near Haifa.

On one side of the 1,850 years old the goddess of the Moon is represented, and under her is the zodiacal sign of cancer. The other side is decorated with a profile of Antoninus Pius, who ruled between the years 138 and 161, one of the most placid periods of the Roman Empire.

The Marine Archeology Unit, attached to the Israel Antiquities Authority, found the coin on the seabed during an inspection to protect the antiquities in the coastal zone but did not reveal when the discovery took place, the newspaper indicates The Times of Israel.

Lior Sandberg, an expert in numismatics from the Authority, believes that the coin is part of a series made up of 13 coins with the 12 zodiacal signs and one with the complete zodiacal wheel.

According to Sandberg, the coin was minted in Alexandria, Egypt, and is dated “year eight”, that is, the eighth year of the reign of Antoninus Pius, or 144-145 after Christ.

The reign of Antoninus was one of the calmest of the Roman Empire, a time Considered by historians as the apogee of the ‘pax Romana’, a long period of stability that the empire experienced and which was characterized by its internal calm and external security.

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