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They find a mass grave with the remains of 11 people tortured and executed by the Nazis in the 'forest of death' in Poland


The discovery occurred during the search for a father and son apparently shot in 1943 and buried in the Przestrzelski Forest, in the northeast of the country.

A mass grave with the remains of people apparently tortured and executed during World War II was discovered late last week in the Przestrzelski Forest, near the town of Jedwabne, in northeastern Poland.

The discovery was made by Wizna 1939, an association dedicated to maintaining and cultivate the historical memory of the Poles during the war, while carrying out the search for a father and son shot, probably in 1939, and buried in the so-called ‘forest of death’, according to a statement issued by that organization on Tuesday. .

After the start of exploration work, the past 15 October, under the supervision of the archaeologist Ryszard Cedrowski and the anthropologist Urszula Okularczyk, human remains were found one after another. ro, a situation that forced the team to notify the Police and the Prosecutor’s Office on suspicion that it was the scene of a mass crime .

Finally they managed to recover the remains of 11 individuals, between men and women, including a minor. Preliminary anthropological assessment revealed signs of torture, with “damaged skulls and broken bones” in some of them, and it is estimated that the victims had their hands tied behind their backs before being riddled with guns. Their bodies were thrown into the pit “disrespectfully”, “one on top of the other”

, Okularczyk said.

According to the Daily Mail, bullet casings from German Mauser pistols were found at the scene , a weapon commonly used by all divisions of the Nazi Army. Historical research claims that troops under Adolf Hitler tortured and murdered dozens of civilians in the Przestrzelski Forest during World War II, earning the site the nickname ‘Forest of Death’.

“The scale of German crimes in the forest is terrifying. And this is certainly not the end of the search in this area,” says Wizna 1939. The association has called on the inhabitants of Jedwabne and its surroundings, and especially the families of those killed in the area, to provide information and biological samples with the aim of identifying the victims.


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