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They explain why there are still ashtrays on planes


A flight attendant posted a video on TikTok that generated widespread discussion.

Many people wonder why there are still ashtrays on planes, if you can’t smoke during the flight. Aircraft are still equipped with ashtrays built into the lavatory doors with a red sign that reads: “No smoking in the lavatory “.

In order to answer this question, a flight attendant explained why in a recent video on TikTok. The woman assures that the ashtrays remain on the planes, first of all, “in case someone does not follow the rules2022″ and second because “it is a legal requirement to have a safe place to dispose of cigarettes on board”.

Small ashtrays on board are required by regulations in many countries. The US Federal Aviation Administration states that the “requiring an ashtray on or near the bathroom door provides a convenient place to dispose of cigarettes (or other smoking material) and therefore ensures that there is a place to dispose of such material in the event that the ‘no smoking’ policy is not adhered to.”

In the comments under the video of the flight attendant, who says her name is Jessica, a discussion began that the existence of such ashtrays could cause passengers to smoke. The author of the video acknowledged that “some people say: ‘There is an ashtray! It means I can smoke2022′”. However, the regulations are clear and the warning is included, in the notices pasted on the doors, that non-compliance carries sanctions, which may vary, depending on the country. It is also warned that attempting to remove or damage smoke detectors in restrooms is a criminal offence.

Although smoking on flights was first banned in Australia in 1987 and the standard was followed by the USA in 1988 and Europe in 1997, some people break the law and try to light a cigarette in the airplane bathroom. For this reason, the ashtrays remain on the planes, so that offenders have a safe place to put out a cigarette and thus avoid a risk of fire, in case, in the absence of these, they decided to hide the butt in the wastebasket.

The smoking ban on aircraft began to be implemented after an incident in 1973, in which a cigarette turned off incorrectly and thrown into the wastebasket in one of the bathrooms caused a Boeing 707 belonging to the Brazilian company Varig to have to make an emergency landing near Paris, causing death of more than 100 people due to suffocation.


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