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They drug and rob a Real Madrid footballer and his partner when they were on vacation on the Spanish island of Ibiza


The events occurred in a rented house and approximately 10,000 euros were stolen.

Federico Valverde, Uruguayan soccer player for Real Madrid, and his partner, the journalist Mina Bonino, were robbed and drugged last month while they were on vacation on the Spanish island of Ibiza, as revealed by the woman on her Instagram account, reported this Saturday by the newspaper Marca.

Bonino explained that they traveled to Ibiza on June 25 for the night and they were received by the staff of the real estate company from which they rented the house in two vans. They went up to one and put their suitcases in the other.

When they arrived at the house, a cook was already inside and told them that there was only one key , so he was going to take it with him to come back the next day, prepare breakfast for them and not bother them, to which Bonino He agreed.

According to the young woman’s account, Valverde stayed in the living room with some friends and she went upstairs to put her son to bed. Shortly after, she took off her clothes because she was hot and fell asleep. When he woke up in the morning he felt very bad and could not get out of bed, so he sent a message to the worker who helps him at home to take care of the child.

“I didn’t understand a damn”

Feeling better, he went downstairs and found his three open suitcases in the living room and his assistant asked him if he had lost or was looking for something. “Since she was still drugged I must have laughed, I didn’t understand a damn thing and went on with mine”, she remembered.

But later she realized that the wallet of she was empty. Then the chef told him that when he arrived everything was messy, he refused to continue working, arguing that the same thing always happens with the people from that real estate agency, and he left. For its part, the company stated that the man probably gave them poisoned food, so they were taken to the hospital to submit them to toxicological tests, although they were negative.

“So we spent our first day in the hospital. Vomited by my friend, and robbed by some acquaintance who saw me sleep naked and that is what disturbs me the most,” wrote the athlete’s partner, who was robbed of 10,000 euros in cash. “All very subtle so that they rob our house and I don’t find out […] Well, now we are going to play detective for a while,” he concluded.

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