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They dismantle a clandestine drug laboratory near a Belgian airbase that stores nuclear weapons


According to a spokesman for the Limburg Provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office, two people who are not members of the Belgian Armed Forces.

Belgian authorities announced the discovery of a laboratory used to manufacture pills of ecstasy, which was near the Kleine-Brogel air base, in the province of Limburg (Belgium), AFP reported Tuesday.

“On Wednesday, June 22, 2022, the local police in Kempen discovered a synthetic drug laboratory,” the Limburg Provincial Public Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement, specifying that it was “used for the production of MDMA [ecstasy].”

Initially it was reported that the laboratory was located “in the military domain”, but later the Belgian Defense corrected the information, indicating to AFP that this infrastructure was located “in former military land, near the base”, but not at the air base itself.

The laboratory was “dismantled by the specialized services of the Federal Police, in collaboration with the National Institute of Criminology and Civil Protection”. According to the Prosecutor’s Office, it is suspected that “a neighboring house” is involved in the creation of the laboratory clandestine.

According to a spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office, two individuals were arrested who were not “defense employees” of the country. The authorities indicated that the detainees were released after being interrogated, although they did not specify whether charges were filed against them. Brogel there are US-made nuclear weapons in storage, which are part of the NATO defense system, although the exact number of these is unknown.

In 2019, Samuel Cogolati, parliamentarian of the environmental party of Belgium, said that there were approximately 10 to 20 nuclear warheads there. Based on a draft report from the NATO Defense and Security Committee, it was specified that these are B61 thermonuclear gravity bombs, similar to those also found in military installations located in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. .

The province of Limburg, which borders the Netherlands to the north and east, is a rural area that is used by traffickers for drug processing and storage.


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