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They discover in Palenque the oldest cemetery found in the ancient Mayan city and the remains of a woman belonging to the elite (VIDEO)


During the excavations, 46 graves with “one of a kind” burials were found, containing the remains of 70 individuals.

During the research work carried out in the archaeological zone of Palenque, in the Mexican state of Chiapas, archaeologists made a series of discoveries including the first lithic workshop, the oldest cemetery found in the Mayan settlement, as well as the remains of a woman associated with the elite, the National Institute of Anthropology reported Monday. and History (INAH).

According to INAH, when excavating a platform, a workshop was discovered in which a large number of flakes and nearly 2,000 artifacts were recovered. Experts estimate that, between the years 600 and 850, the inhabitants of Palenque elaborated at this site stone tools used for hunting, in domestic contexts, as well as for ritual practices, including sacrifice.

In the same way, the Institute pointed out that, during the explorations of a couple of shrines in Group 4, what is estimated to be the first cemetery of the ancient city was found. In it, details the statement, “unique in its kind” burials have been found containing the skeletal remains of around 70 individuals, distributed in 46 different graves.

Likewise, the institution announced the discovery of the skeleton of a woman who was buried in the last known stage of occupation of Palenque, around the years 800 and 850. Among the characteristics that reveal her belonging to the ruling elite, the cranial deformation and a series of of precious stone dental inlays. Archaeologists point out that this discovery sheds new light on the role of women in ancient Mayan society. morning press conference of the president, López Obrador, were made in the framework of the work of the Program for the Improvement of Archaeological Zones and the construction of the Visitor Service Centers, initiatives that are part of the programs that accompany the construction of the Mayan Train .


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