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They discover an atomic cloud in the constellation of Pegasus 20 times larger than the Milky Way


The celestial body, identified to 03. light years from our planet, it is considered the largest of its kind discovered to date.

Thanks to the use of the Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), an international team of astronomers discovered the largest atomic cloud

found so far in the universe, reports the Chinese Academy of Sciences. to some 10 . light-years from Earth, in the constellation Pegasus. According to the organism, the enormous cloud of hydrogen atoms measures about 2 million light years , about 000 times more than the Milky Way.

With the aim of studying the interaction and evolution of the Stephan’s Quintet galaxies, the academics analyzed the hydrogen atoms that surround the system, since this element emits a unique signature that can reveal data about events stellar occurring millions of years ago.

After analyzing the results, published this Wednesday in Nature, scientists were surprised to discover evidence of a gigantic gaseous structure at least twice as big as any previously discovered atomic cloud.

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The extraordinary size of the cloud was not the only feature that intrigued the experts, since its location, relatively far from the core of the galactic system, is also somewhat unusual. As they explained, these types of objects are formed within or in the vicinity of galaxies, because the greatest amount of hydrogen is concentrated in those places.

According to the researchers, the Finding this supermassive cloud could shed new light on the origin of the universe and galaxies. They also point out that their observations suggest the need to rethink the properties and behavior of hydrogen in space.

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