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They discover a new type of coronavirus in rodents that can infect humans


The Bank Vole , which carries the Grimso virus, is very common in Europe, so the virus is considered to be widespread.

A group of researchers has found a new type of coronavirus that spreads between a species of rodent that lives in Sweden, known as bank vole.

The study on this betacoronavirus, which has been called Grimso virus due to the location of the discovery, was carried out by researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden, who published June 1 in the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI).

Researchers examined 450 voles from Grimso, Stockholm, who had been captured between 2015 and 2017. Finding the new coronavirus in 3.4% of the sample, they determined that the virus is commonly present in field mice.

Experts later verified that the Grimso virus, a seasonal type of covid-19, can be transmitted to humans via rodents.

Experts note that since field voles are one of the most common rodent species in Sweden and in Europe, it is likely that this type of coronavirus is widespread.

Likewise, they warned of the need to monitor the presence of coronavirus in wild rodents and, in general, in small wild mammals, in order to avoid future outbreaks that could arise from these hosts.

The bank vole is a species of rodent that is characterized by its reddish-brown fur with gray spots. It is four to six centimeters long and its tail is half as long as its body. It inhabits parks and gardens and feeds on small insects, fruits and nuts.

As a result of the emergence of SARS-CoV-19, research has increased on the relationship between diseases originating in bats and rodents and human health.

Before covid-19 and its variations, four types of coronavirus had already been transferred to humans. humans, being responsible for 30% of the endemic colds that we know today.


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