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They create a method to embed hidden QR codes inside cookies (VIDEO)


The code can be ‘carved’ into the cookie or printed with food coloring.

Researchers at the University of Osaka, in Japan, developed a novel three-dimensional printing method to embed edible QR codes inside groceries.

This new method, explains the university in a statement, allows information such as its origin and ingredients to be printed directly on a product without altering its appearance or taste, in what constitutes another step in the race to minimize packaging.

The technology is known as ‘interiqr’ (‘internal QR’). To demonstrate the concept, researchers recently 3D printed a cookie that appears normal on the outside but contains information that can be read without destroying the cookie.

The code is not visible to naked eye, but it appears when the biscuit is held up to the light, and can then be read with a mobile phone. The code provides information on the composition and expiration date of the product.

“Our 3D printing method is a great example of the digital transformation of food that we hope will improve product traceability and safety,” said one of the study’s authors, Kosuke Sato.

“This technology can also be used to provide new food experiences through augmented reality, a new and exciting field in the food industry”, he emphasized.

Japanese engineers came up with two ways to create the QR code pixels. One of them is to form the code through cavities inside the cookie, and the other is to print the code inside the dough with an edible dye.


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