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They capture an impressive animated sequence of the Sun (VIDEO)


The sequence, captured by the Solar Orbiter probe, is made up of images that show the activity of the star between 20 September and 10 in October of this year.

The Solar Orbiter probe —belonging to the joint space mission between the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA— managed to capture a high-resolution animated sequence of the Sun before its last approach to the star, which occurred last Wednesday at the 19: 10 GMT.

According to the ESA, the series of images shows the activity of the star between September 20 and 10 in October of this year. He also indicated that the sequence was obtained by the probe’s Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging (EUI) instrument using its Full Sun Imaging (FSI) telescope, so scientists were able to observe the star at a wavelength of 17 nanometers.

According to specialists from the European agency, this wavelength is emitted by the gas in the outer atmosphere of the Sun, known as the ‘corona’, which reaches temperatures of up to one million degrees Celsius. In addition, they explained that they artificially added the color that can be seen in the animation, since the wavelength detected by the EUI cannot be perceived by the human eye.

In Depending on Solar Orbiter’s orbital location, the data it records may take several days to be transmitted to Earth. This is the reason why at the end of the sequence a jump can be seen in one of its images, due to the fact that the space orbiter did not send the collected information to our planet.

The Solar Orbiter probe was sent into space on 10 February 2020 via of a NASA Atlas V rocket with the mission of collecting data and images of various events related to the activity of the Sun.


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