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They ask to investigate if the US pressured Riyadh not to cut oil production before the elections


Congressman Tom Tiffany pointed out that Washington’s actions “may constitute an illegal request for a kind of foreign contribution” before the next elections.

Republican Congressman Tom Tiffany has asked the Speaker of the Lower House of the United States Congress, Nancy Pelosi, to start hearings on the possible request from the Government of US President Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia to postpone the decision to OPEC+ to cut oil production until after the mid-term elections, something that Riyadh would have rejected.

Following a statement by the kingdom that all economic analyzes indicated that postponing the agreed measure for a month —as Washington supposedly suggested— “would have had negative economic consequences”, the Republican legislators questioned the White House’s intentions, which could be linked to the electoral consequences of said measure.

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In her letter to Pelosi, Tiffany pointed out that, if the information is true, the actions of Washington “may constitute an illegal request for some kind of foreign contribution by the White House on behalf of the efforts of the Democrats’ mid-term campaign.”

“These are very serious allegations and if the Biden Administration did, in fact, attempt to coordinate with a foreign government to influence US elections, that’s something the American people deserve to know,” the congressman said. “Chairwoman Pelosi and Congress have a responsibility to get to the bottom of these deeply troubling reports as soon as possible,” she said.

In this context, Tiffany urged the president of the House of Representatives to convene hearings “to determine if such requests took place and what specific requests were made in relation to oil production Saudi or OPEC+ by officials of the Biden Administration”.

A calculated tactic policy?

Days before OPEC+ approved a significant cut in oil production last week, the United States asked Saudi Arabia and other producers to postpone their decision for a month, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the talks.

Riyadh would have rejected said requests and the agency approved last October 5 to cut production fuel production at two million barrels per day.

The media outlet stresses that the kingdom considers Washington’s pressure to pump more crude as a political tactic to avoid bad news before the mid-term elections in the US , scheduled for November 8, on which control of Congress depends.

The OPEC+ decision could bring about a substantial increase in the price of gasoline in the US, where high fuel prices and inflation have been central issues in the election campaign .


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