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They arrest 2 kidnappers of minors in Mexico and rescue their victims


Four minors were released.

Three adolescents and a one and a half year old boy, who would have been kidnapped, were rescued in the municipality of Atlacomulco, in the State of Mexico; likewise, his two alleged kidnappers were arrested.

Local media reported that the minors had been violently taken from their home, in the municipality of Toluca, last 13 October; They put them in a vehicle and later they were taken by their captors to Atlacomulco.

The kidnappers asked for the young people and the child a ransom of 100.000 pesos (about 5.000 dollars) .

It was thanks to video surveillance cameras that the authorities located the kidnappers, Eliseo ‘N’ and Jesús ‘N’, from 21 years each, as well as their victims.

Later, field police located the car used for the kidnapping, as well as a shotgun and loaded cartridges .

Eliseo ‘N’ and Jesús ‘N’ were transferred together with the vehicle and the firearm to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office, based in Atlacomulco, where the respective file was opened investigation to determine their legal status. Meanwhile, the minors were given protection and custody.


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