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They approve closing a foundry plant in Chile after reporting cases of poisoning in the region


President Gabriel Boric He has assured that the cessation process will be gradual, while the workers in the sector declared themselves in a state of permanent mobilization and are evaluating organizing a national strike.

The directory of the National Corporation of the Cobre (CODELCO) from Chile

announced this Friday, through a statement, that it was approved the gradual closure of the Ventanas smelter plant, located in the Valparaíso region, after reports of poisoning cases in the area in recent weeks.

According to According to the document, in order for the closing process to be completed, it is necessary to modify Law 19,993, which obliges CODELCO to smelt the minerals of the National Mining Company (ENAMI) in the facilities of the Ventanas smelter. The state company assured that the measure only applies to smelting operations, but not to refining operations.

“The cessation process will be gradual, so The adaptation of the contracts will be planned with the 21 companies that supply goods and services linked to the smelting process, seeking different alternatives and the least possible impact for them and their families,” CODELCO stressed.

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The decision was approved by the President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, who declared, at a press conference, that the resolution “will be carried out through a gradual and responsible process with the population and workers”. The president reiterated that they do not want “more sacrifice zones”, ensuring that this measure is aimed at “the well-being of all citizens”.

“To the workers and their families, we are not going to leave them alone,” said Boric, who added that his “government is taking all necessary measures so that this decision does not generate negative consequences for the company’s workers.” “And I can responsibly affirm that no worker will be without their job at the company,” he concluded.

Faced with this situation, a group of unions that brings together workers of CODELCO summoned this Saturday to an extraordinary assembly to discuss the actions to be carried out regarding the closure of the smelter plant and said that it is preparing a possible national strike. Likewise, the Federation of Copper Workers (FTC) reported that they are in a state of permanent mobilization in order to prevent the scheduled closure and called for a work stoppage in all CODELCO divisions.


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