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The US supports Novavax's new covid-19 vaccine based on “a different technology”


Clinical trials of the drug showed an overall efficacy of 90.4% and 78.6% in participants older than 65 years.

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC, for its acronym in English) recommended this Tuesday the use of a new vaccine against covid-19 from Novavax in people over 18 years of age, which is based on “a familiar type” of vaccination technology.

The drug, the fourth to be authorized for emergency use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), offers more options and flexibility for the public, institutions and suppliers.

“If you’ve been waiting for a covid-19 vaccine developed based on a different technology than those previously available, it’s time to join the millions of Americans who have been vaccinated,” said CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky.

Unlike vaccines based on mRNA technology, Novavax’s new drug contains the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein that is generated in insect cells and the Matrix-M adjuvant with saponin extracts from the bark of the endemic qullay tree from Chile. The vaccine is given in a two-dose schedule three weeks apart.

“Basically, Novavax uses the same approach as the mRNA vaccines but the protein is produced in a factory In this way, they give you the protein itself instead of instructions for your cells to produce the protein, “infectologist Robert Schooley of the UC San Diego academic hospital explained to CNBC Health of the University of California.

Clinical trials of the vaccine, which were carried out before the appearance of the delta and omicron strains, showed an overall efficacy of 90.4% and

78, 6% in participants older than 65 years. The preparation is expected to be available in the coming weeks.

“Other tool” available

Ok with CDC data as of June 7, about 27 million Americans are still not vaccinated. Although it is not clear whether the new drug is capable of convincing the most radical anti-vaccines, experts consider that the vaccine is good news and will allow the supply to be diversified.

“I am not sure So many of the remaining unvaccinated people in the US are interested in getting this Novavax vaccine, but it’s another tool available,” said Dean Blumberg, chief of the division of pediatric infectious disease at UC Davis Health located in Sacramento, California.


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