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The US Secret Service confirms that it is “aware” of the alleged hack of Hunter Biden's iCloud


Meanwhile, images were released in which the son of the US president can be seen with some prostitutes, and smoking what would be a crack pipe

The US Secret Service reported that it “is aware” of reports about the alleged hacking of the iCloud cloud storage of Hunter Biden, son of the US president, Joe Biden, after several publications with his alleged content appeared.

“In this We are not in a position at this time to comment publicly on potential investigative activities, but I can assure you that the Secret Service with other federal law enforcement partners are aware of social media posts and claims that reference Mr. Biden,” said the organization’s spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi, collect local media.

Guglielmi did not provide details regarding the content of the iCloud that was hacked.

However, The Sun released a video last week in which Hunter Biden can be seen naked in the shower, smoking what would be a crack pipe with some prostitutes. According to media information, the video was recorded in the city of Newburyport (Massachusetts).

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail released some images on Monday in which Hunter Biden appears with prostitutes and reported, citing some documents and messages, that the president’s son spent 30,000 dollars in escorts for 5 months, between November 2018 and March 2019.

The Daily Mail is also reporting that Hunter may face federal prostitution charges after information surfaced that he likely flighted 3 sex workers to other states in 2018. The newspaper cited documents from Hunter’s laptop stating that he paid train tickets for three prostitutes to travel from Boston to New York. In addition, he indicated that a video was discovered in which he had sex with 3 women.

If this is confirmed, Biden may face accusations of violating the Mann Law that prohibits the transfer of people to other states to have sex.


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