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The US and Israel sign a security commitment to “never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon”


“There will not be a nuclear Iran. That would not only be a threat to Israel, but to the world,” said the first Israeli Minister Yair Lapid.

US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister of Israel, Yair Lapid, signed a joint declaration of strategic association on Thursday, which reaffirms the “unbreakable ties” between the two nations in terms of security and commits Washington to maintaining Tel Aviv’s “qualitative military advantage”, reinforcing its dissuasion and defense against its enemies.

Within the framework of the promised support, the document names Iran, indicates it as a potential aggressor and refers to its nuclear program. In this context, the US speaks of working with other partners to “confront the aggression and destabilizing activities” of the Islamic republic, “whether it carries them out directly, or through proxies and terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah , Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad”.

“The United States stresses that it is part of the commitment to never allow Iran to has a nuclear weapon , and that it is willing to use all elements of its national power to guarantee that result,” the statement highlights. “There will not be a nuclear Iran. This would not only be a threat to Israel, but to the world,” Lapid said in this regard.

The North American country will contribute to the search for “additional anti-missile defense assistance”, beyond what was agreed between the two countries in the memorandum of understanding (MOU) of security assistance of 2016. In addition, both expressed their enthusiasm for advancing their cooperation in defense technologies a state-of-the-art, including high-energy laser weapon systems “to defend the skies of Israel and, in the future, those of other security partners.”

On the other hand, the joint desire to continue discussing the challenges and opportunities to achieve progress in relations with Palestine is reaffirmed , so that both Israelis and Palestinians can “equally enjoy measures of security, freedom and prosperity.” At the same time, the importance of deepening Israel’s ties with its regional partners and achieving its integration into the zone, in order to “widen the circle of peace to include more and more Arab and Muslim States”. the US and Israel not only in the field of security, but also to face global challenges as pressing as ” climate change, food security and health”. In these aspects, work is already underway to take cooperation “to a new level” with the creation of a technological association in emerging critical areas of global concern, the text concludes.


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