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The United Kingdom offers a training operation for the Ukrainian military forces that “could change the equation” of the conflict


The announcement was made during the surprise visit of the British Prime Minister to kyiv this Friday.

During her surprise trip to kyiv this Friday , the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, has offered the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, a “major training operation” for the Armed Forces of that country, with the capacity to train up to 10,000 soldiers every 120 days, as announced Downing Street in a communicated.

According to the prime minister’s office, “the UK-led program would train and instruct the Ukrainian Armed Forces using the experience of the British Army combat-proven, allowing them to accelerate their deployment, rebuild their forces, and increase their resilience, while continuing to defend their nation’s sovereignty.”

Boris Johnson frustró las conversaciones de paz entre Kiev y Moscú, reporta un medio ucraniano

Over the duration of the program, each soldier would spend three weeks in the training course, learning frontline combat skills as well as basic medical, cybersecurity and tactical training. against explosives, specifies the statement. In addition, if the offer is accepted by Ukraine, London will invite international partners to host the program.

Downing Street underlines that, during their previous training project, called ‘Operation Orbital’, which lasted from 2015 until February of this year, the British instructors trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian troops. “The skills to win battles, taught during the seven-year program, allowed the Ukrainian forces to launch a fierce defense” against Russia, the statement explains.

“When Ukrainian soldiers fire UK missiles in defense of their nation’s sovereignty, they also do so in defense of the very freedoms we take for granted,” Johnson told a news conference in kyiv. “That is why I have offered President Zelensky a major new military training program that could change the equation of this war ,” he added.

Last month, the British Prime Minister announced the decision to deliver a military aid package to Ukraine of 1.3 billion pounds sterling ($1.6 billion). War support to kyiv includes the delivery of long-range artillery, anti-ship missiles and drones.


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