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“The Turkish nation is rebelling against NATO”: a campaign is launched in Turkey that seeks to remove the country from the Atlantic Alliance


“90% of the Turkish nation now sees NATO as an enemy”, emphasized the provincial chairman of the Vatan Party for Istanbul , Cem Dikman.

An anti-NATO signature campaign launched by the Turkish party Vatan to achieve Turkey’s departure from the Atlantic Alliance is receiving support among the country’s population since its first hours, local media report.

In its petition, the party states that ” Leaving NATO is the most effective practice against US conspiracies.” They also add that the step to defend independence and security “will accelerate the process of disintegration within NATO and will contribute to world peace “.

After announcing the campaign on July 2, the president of the Vatan Party, Dogu Perincek, stated at a press conference that “independent life “of his country is only possible if it “breaks the chains of NATO”, which – he underlined – has “a bloody history” against Turkey.

Perincek recalled that the alliance “is not just a foreign policy issue,” but also affects food and energy prices, which they will go down, he said, only if Turkey decides to leave the bloc. “If we leave NATO, the energy prices will fall . Because we will be able to find cheap energy from Russia, Iran , Azerbaijan and Qatar, our friends threatened by NATO”, he pointed out.

“The Turkish nation is rebelling against NATO. NATO goes against the integrity and economy of our motherland! The Vatan Party is gaining ground all over the country. We will get out of NATO!” he wrote On his Twitter account, the general secretary of the party, Ozgur Bursali.

Meanwhile, local media stress that the signature campaign was received with “great interest” by local residents in cities across the country. In the words of Vatan Party Provincial Chairman for Istanbul, Cem Dikmen, “the demand to leave NATO is the demand of the Turkish nation” that “will pave the way for good relations” with the country’s neighbors. “The 90% of the Turkish nation now see NATO as an enemy,” he emphasized.


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